Nick Foles Out Here Living That Super Bowl MVP Life At The Pac-12 Tournament
Imagine the life Nick Foles, 29, will live from here on out after playing out of his ass for the Eagles, winning a Super Bowl and taking home MVP. He’ll eventually get a statue in Philly, be talked about until the end of times and can always fall back on life in Arizona with college friends or go back to Texas where he went to high school.
He can go to Pac-12 tournament games and people will forever kiss his ass. Forever a legend. And the crazy part is that he might not ever start another game in Philly. Won’t matter. Big Dick Nick now gets to go about what has to be one of the greatest lives a guy could draw up. Let’s say Nick is having a bad day at 40. The kids are driving him nuts. He hasn’t been out of the house much. The dog tore up a couch. You know the sort of life I’m talking about.

Make a call, get on a flight to Philly for some fabricated event and Nick will get a jolt of admiration that’ll have him feeling just fine in no time.
The other good news is that even if Nick holds a play card for Carson Wentz this year, he’ll still make about $7 million. There will be endorsements, Philly jewelry commercials, etc. Let’s say down the road he’s 58 and needs to make some vacation money…sign a few Sports Illustrated covers and he’ll be just fine.
Dammit, I want Nick Foles’ life.

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