Texas’ Kerwin Roach Had His Tooth Knocked Out Last Night…He Got It Glued Back On At Halftime

Texas guard Kerwin Roach just took an elbow and lost a tooth. Gnarly. pic.twitter.com/lJTDjhzZsL

— Jeff Barker (@JeffBarker_) March 8, 2018

We’re in March now, so now is the time where these kids lay everything on the line in order to help their team make deep runs their conference tourneys or the big dance. This is when we see that extra effort on defense, people diving for loose balls, maybe sacrificing a tooth or two. These are just the prices you pay in March.

Texas guard Kerwin Roach is the latest player to lose a tooth on the court when he took an elbow last night in the first round of the Big 12 tournament. I say latest because usually, we get at least a couple basketball players who lose a tooth per year. Yeah, what up, hockey guys? You might remember Isaiah Thomas losing one in the playoffs last year and going bananas on a few possessions looking like a hockey goon.

Kerwin Roach didn’t come down and hit back-to-back threes on the next two possession like I.T., but he did hit up the Kansas City Chiefs doctor and got that bad boy glued back on at halftime before finishing up his 37 minute night. All he needed was a little Elmer’s and he was good to go.

Thank you Dr. Busch the Team dentist for the Kansas City Chiefs @Chiefs you work miracles 😂😂🙏🏾 pic.twitter.com/Fm34mvTPB8

— Kerwin Roach II (@KLR_doce) March 8, 2018

He finished the night with 9 points, 6, rebounds and 7 assists in the win and they’ll play again tonight against Texas Tech.

Here he is talking about the gluing process

Kerwin Roach shares some insight on his broken tooth after the game. Coach Smart added that a Kansas City Chiefs doctor came in and glued the chip to his tooth at halftime. #Big12MBBToughness pic.twitter.com/Q7bAS3lVRC

— Jarrett Whitson (@JarrettLWhitson) March 8, 2018