Isiah Thomas Loses A Tooth, Hits Back-To-Back Threes, Doctors Pop The Tooth Back In
Isaiah Thomas went into full playoff hockey mode in the first half of Game 1 of the Celtics-Wizards series this afternoon. After trying to deflect a pass to Otto Porter coming off a screen, his tooth literally flew out of his face onto the court. The camera caught it perfectly.

Then in classic hockey fashion, he kept playing and immediately hit back-to-back threes right in the Wizards’ face.

Who says only NHL guys play through these kinds of injuries? The only thing missing was him tweeting a selfie during a timeout to make sure everyone saw that the tooth was in fact missing.
Then somehow, after heading back to the locker room for a bit, the Celtics doctors just popped that bad boy back in and IT returned to action.

Can we call this “The Tooth Game”?

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