Buy Ed Hochuli's San Diego Beach Condo…And His Rental Condo On Bottom Level!

You probably thought I was joking the other day on Twitter when I said get ready for Ed Hochuli RVing next to you at some campground this summer, his first as a retiree. Now comes confirmation that you better have on your head on a swivel at the campground because Ed & his wife have listed TWO condos in San Diego and one of them looks to be one they were living in. Our friends at the L.A. Times found the listings for the two condos in one building along Ocean Front Walk.
You can buy the one that appears to be Ed’s everyday condo for $2.695 million. The bottom floor condo — looks like a rental or one you have the family stay in when they come to town — is for sale at $2.395 million.
That’s right, Ed’s also a real estate genius. NFL ref genius…lawyer genius and real estate genius.
From Ed’s realtor:

This condominium is located in a complex that many consider to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings on the beach front from an architectural standpoint. The well conceived design includes a recessed oceanfront master bedroom that allows for a large common deck/patio area shared with the entire living area that is perfect for exterior living enjoyment. In addition, this feature also provides for unobstructed southwesterly whitewater exposure from the living room, dining room and kitchen!

What do you get in Ed’s main condo? You get 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, great views, an elevator and a peaceful life. It’s on the ocean. Not the best place for a blogger to live. I’d never be inside the place during the day. That’s why Ohio is a genius place to live for a sports blogging life. The weather is garbage for 8 months, it’s windy 3 months and then you get one month to be outside.

Here comes the gun show!

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