Allen Iverson Was Clearly Out Of It During This Mid-Game Interview

The question on the minds of basketball fans tonight is an obvious one: What the hell is Allen Iverson on, and can we have some?

The Hall of Famer has NBA Twitter buzzing after giving a bizarre interview with 76ers sideline reporter Molly Sullivan. Iverson didn’t appear to be in a sober state of mind, but he lived up to his nickname and answered every question that came his way:

What we learned beyond Iverson probably being faded:
– He loves his little dudes/guys
– AI lives in Charlotte
– Brett Brown is the greatest coach
– Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are the greatest superstars
– AI is with it

Sullivan took to Twitter to spin her interview with “family man” Iverson, but it’s safe to say no one is buying that:

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