Shaq Released $500 Into The Air Tonight, Be On The Lookout

Shaq turned 46 today and celebrated by tying $500 to balloons and then releasing the balloons as part of the #MoneyBalloonChallenge that he seems to have started. And since it’s Tuesday, it appears this money is floating around Atlanta. The TNT crew is working in the studio tonight.
A quick check of the weather tells us that the wind is blowing out of the north which means a Florida Man or Florida Woman just might end up with this on his/her front steps by like Thursday. Winds are supposed to kick up on Wednesday. It’s going to be a real shame if the balloons

It’s going to be a shame if the $500 ends up out here in no man’s land and never gets claimed. Or maybe someone will shoot the balloons out of the air after they hear there’s $500 floating around up there. Could have gunshots that aren’t related to attempted murders.


Looks Like Ben Simmons and Tinashe Are a Thing
Looks Like Ben Simmons and Tinashe Are a Thing
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