My Guy Mike Freeman (Actually Can't Stand The Guy) Does It Again!

Did my guy Mike Freeman do it again or did Mike Freeman doooooooo it again? He did it again. I saw a headline this morning on Reddit about some NFL guy saying he’d punch himself in the nuts to be able to draft Saquon Barkley. I didn’t click on the link, but it turns out the ANONYMOUS — no shock there — source tells that to none other than Mike Freeman, my old buddy that blocked me years ago for calling him a fraud huckster.
Nobody and I mean nobody across the NFL somehow, someway comes up with more AMAZING anonymous quotes from around the NFL. And it’s weird, Mike can’t seem to get a guy to go on record with any of these amazing quotes. It’s very strange to think so many of these incredible quotes never get attributed. You’d think at least 1-2 guys along the way would say throw my name on that one.
Mike has a history here like the time he claimed Patriots players said this about Mike Tomlin. Here’s Jay Cutler pretty much calling out Mike for unnamed sources. Here’s another good place to see how people feel about Mike’s “sources.”
Here’s a quote Mike used in his March 3 Combine report on Lamar Jackson:

“No worries on the 40,” one head coach said. “He’ll get it at pro day. Interviewed him. He’s got something special about him … Build your offense around him. Leader.”

You can’t put a name on those quotes about Lamar Jackson? Really? Those innocent quotes? A coach needs to go off-the-record for that compliment? Whew!
Mike had zero quotes attributed to a coach or GM in that report.
But we’re supposed to believe a coach gave Mike the most incredible quote — made perfectly for Twitter, by the way — and it pops up after a Madonna RT. I’ll start believing Mike after he puts at least one name on a quote. Not until then.

Saquon Barkley Is Now Reportedly In the Mix To Go #1 After Crushing The Combine
Saquon Barkley Is Now Reportedly In the Mix To Go #1 After Crushing The Combine
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