One-Handed LB Prospect Shaquem Griffin Continues to Dominate The Combine…He just Ran A 4.38 40

Surely by now, you have heard about one-handed linebacker prospect Shaquem Griffin out of UCF. He was the best player on UCF’s undefeated defense last season, he won the AAC defensive player of the year, and a Peach Bowl MVP to boot. He’s a stud to say the least and he did all of that without a left hand, which he had amputated at age 4 due to a congenital condition.
And even with all of that, he was barely in invitee to the combine this year. He only got his invite after he showed out at the Senior Bowl back in January. So what does he do? He comes out and put on an absolute show at the combine. Saquon Barkley is the MVP of the combine so far, but what Griffin has done is right up there.
It wasn’t just the fact that he ran the fastest 40-yard dash for a linebacker EVER – well, at least since they started keeping track in 2003 – but he also threw up 20 reps on the bench with ONE hand, plus a prosthetic. His goal was 6.

Just an awesome story all-around. Coming into this week he was projected at a 5th-6th round pick. I think that’ll get bumped up.

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