Kobe Bryant Is Living The Dad Life, Attending Demi Lovato Concerts

You take the sport away from a superstar athlete and next thing you know, you’re spending your Saturday nights getting LIT at a Demi Lovato concert with your daughter. It happens to the best of them, everybody ends up succumbing to the dad life. One day you’re dominating fools on the court, the next your bobbing your head to teen idols. That’s where we’re at with Kobe now.
It’s crazy to see, because it seems like just a few years ago we’re were watchingΒ Kobe win rings. Now he’s the cliche concert dad who got dragged to this concert on a Saturday night when he probably just wanted to stay home on the couch like every other dad in America. Maybe rest his ankles after 20 years.
Take a look, NBA players, this is your future.

He did seem to really enjoy Dj Khaled’s new song. He was vibing HARD.

Big night tonight for Kobe as well

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