Virginia Fan Promised A $5K Donation If UVA Came Back To Beat Louisville…They Did And He Followed Through

March Madness is officially here thanks to Virginia last night. You didn’t have to wait until the later rounds of conference tourneys or the first 2 days of the NCAA tournament to get a bananas ending to a basketball game. Virginia somehow pulled this win out their ass after being DOWN BY 4 WITH 0.9 SECONDS LEFT. That bank shot buzzer beater is a nice little appetizer to what we have coming this next month.
Here’s a nice little side story to go with that game. Somewhere in the middle of the second half with Virginia down, a UVA fan fired off this tweet.

It’s a pretty casual tweet that you probably see people send all the time without any real plans to follow through with it. But it turns out WahooBasketball (real name Mike Pittman, via the Richmond Times-Dispatch) is a different kind of fan.
Just when Mike thought that 5 grand was going to stay safe and sound in his bank account (probably with 0.9 seconds left), Virginia goes and pulls out that win. So what does he do? Does he go the route that most people on Twitter would and pretend the tweet never happened?
Nope, he sent that 5 grand straight to UVA and he’s got the receipts to prove it.

Baller move. You don’t find many fans like this. He’s also a Virginia basketball blogger on the side, so from one blogger to another: respect.

His reaction to the shot?

Then he had to drop $5,000.

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