LeBron Exchanges Instagram Pleasantries With Joel Embiid And Ben Simmons


Hmmmmm, it really seems like these LeBron to Philly rumors are REALLY starting to heat up this week and I’m HERE for it. Let’s put these IG shout-outs from Embiid and LeBron aside for a second and break down what’s happened before last night.
Earlier in the week, these billboards were spotted in Philly.

Then you had reports that LeBron may or may not have visited schools in the Philadelphia area over the All-Star break. He denied that, but it would it shock you if it was true? Absolutely not. These things alone were enough to spark these rumors and provide some content for the slow part of the NBA season.
But then last night the Sixers and Cavs played each other, which resulted in a Philly W and was followed by these social media posts from Embiid and LeBron. Embiid dropped a #Summer2018goals hashtag and LeBron did his thing praising the young guns on IG.
Quick, let’s all freak out.


Sure seems to me like a guy who wants to play with some young stars to finish out his career. Complete “The Process” and ride off into the sunset. Hmmmmm. Nothing better than getting some free agency rumors going in March. It may sound dumb, and even Embiid says “it’s not what y’all think”, but these guys aren’t exactly throwing water on the fire here. More like gasoline, if you ask me.
And I know LeBron does this all the time. Every time a LeBron free agency rolls around he starts playing these games. But I would thoroughly enjoy him on Philly, so I say we keep these going as long as possible.

Side note: Could you imagine if Philly won a Super Bowl AND got LeBron in a matter of 6 months? That city might seriously burn to the ground this time around.

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