College Baseball Coach Fired For Rejecting Colorado Recruit Because Of Their Weed Laws

So this story went pretty viral yesterday evening and it’s your latest edition of an old curmudgeon sports guy yelling at a cloud. Mike Jeffcoat, now former head coach of the Texas Wesleyan baseball team, sent an email to a recruit telling him that despite his interest in the program, he will not recruit him because the state he happens to live in legalized marijuana. “You can thank your liberal politicians” is a real quote.
Obviously, this coach was fired with the quickness. It didn’t take much. Just the entire internet lighting into him after the email was posted, along with his name featured on some very prominent sports programs, such as First Take, this morning.
About 17 hours later and he was canned.

Texas Wesleyan University’s head baseball coach has been fired after he received backlash over an email he sent to a prospective player from Colorado, telling the player that he doesn’t recruit athletes from Colorado because of the state’s marijuana laws.
Mike Jeffcoat was separated from the university Thursday morning because of the “derogatory remarks” made in an email to the Colorado recruit.
“The idea that we would discriminate on the basis that this email suggested is totally inappropriate here and does not comport with our policies and procedures, or with our values as a university,” Texas Wesleyan President Frederick Slabach said.

Just to make this story even better, I went and took a gander at the Texas Wesleyan baseball roster and it turns out they actually DO recruit kids from Colorado.

That kid must smoke so much weed.

I don’t think the kid is coming

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