Florida Woman IG Model Is Suing T-Mobile After Worker (Allegedly) Steals Her Sex Video










You know how there’s a shot clock in basketball and a play clock in football? They need one of those clocks in phone stores. Been saying it for years. Those guys behind the desk take your phone, they claim there’s something they need to check and 20 minutes later they’re done.
Too long. Need a phone store shot clock. Two minutes, max.
Florida Woman Keely Hightower is in the news this week after revealing that she feels a T-Mobile worker stole one of her sex videos she had saved on her phone. You know the videos. Typical stuff. Keely, who seems to be an up-and-coming IG model, alleges the worker emailed the video to himself and now she is suing T-Mobile over the incident.
From the Tampa Bay Times:

Everything seemed normal until she checked her email the next day. Instead of opening to her inbox, it directed her to the trash folder, where she saw an unfamiliar email sent from her account with an attachment.
When she opened the file that day in May, “my heart dropped,” Hightower, 24, told the Tampa Bay Times this week.
It was a video she kept on her phone of her engaging in sex acts with someone in bed. Parts of her face were visible in some frames, she said.

Keely, whose Instagram bio reads — “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 — says she’s concerned for what Roberto Aramis Sanchez Ramos did with the video.
Folks, I’m telling you, these phone store workers are dirty dogs. Be careful. Ladies, ask for the shot clock. Don’t just let that guy start swiping through there unabated.
No victim-blaming here. If I pay $200 a month for these damn things, I better be able to have some hardcore on my phone for nights on the road.

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