Looks Like Sean McVay & Girlfriend Veronika Khomyn Had A Nice Weekend












Name a guy who had a better weekend than Sean McVay. You can’t. The hair was perfect. The beard was flawless. The complexion was A+. The tux fit like a glove. The teeth were pearls. Oh and did I mention that his smoking hot Ukrainian girlfriend Veronika Khomyn was looking decent too?
Seriously, there isn’t a 32-year-old native of Dayton, Ohio & #MACtion guy crushing it right now like McVay. The guy is on an all-time heater and it’s not slowing down thanks to the Los Angeles lifestyle that just keeps him looking and his life on social media looking perfect.
I have no idea what event these two went to Saturday night and it doesn’t matter a bit. What matters is that Veronika provides us with these little snapshots into such a perfect life.
Do you even realize that McVay JUST turned 32 in January? This guy is sitting on millions upon millions of dollars, the girlfriend is hands down the hottest coaches girlfriend in sports and McVay gets to struggle through 75 & sunny winter days. You’re damn right I’m jealous of that life. Every single one of you reading this deep into this post so I can satisfy my bosses and Google SEO bots that are tracking character counts should be jealous of this guy.
Just another normal weekend for the NFL’s Mr. Perfect.

Veronika/IG Story

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