Gronk's Latest Tweet Doesn't Seem Good For The Retirement Rumors

I don’t want scare Patriots fans, as much as I’d like to, but I can’t see this latest Gronk tweet as anything but bad news when it comes to retirement rumors. Listen, if you follow Gronk on Twitter you know he doesn’t tweet much. The only time you’re seeing that avatar pop up on your feed is when he’s slinging his latest product or linking to his website.
So when out of nowhere he’s dropping a classic AIM away message of a tweet, it raises eyebrows, and now everybody is trying to decipher the meaning. It’s always bad news when you’re players are tweeting cryptically. Just ask RG3. None of those teenage girl tweets from his Redskins days were from a good place.
All I’m saying is his football future isn’t looking so bright with this and all other things considered.

We know the WWE wants him and even when that story broke, I figured he’d still play a couple more years. Not I’m so sure. Cryptic tweets are game changers. Maybe he actually will hang ’em up and go to Hollywood and mix in the WWE. Remember, he hasn’t touched any of his football money, so he’s already pretty set up. Not to scare Pats fans, of course.

Rex Ryan Spotted Browsing a Sports Card Show in Nashville
Rex Ryan Spotted Browsing a Sports Card Show in Nashville
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