Delta Shuts Down Team USA Curlers’ Upgrade Request

Team USA’s gold medal curlers (John Shuster, Matt Hamilton, Tyler George, John Landsteiner, and Joe Polo) thought they could use their major Olympic win as leverage for seat upgrades on their flight home from PyeongChang β€” they were wrong.

@Delta our Olympic #curling champions are flying home on Monday. Upgrades?!? πŸ˜ƒ #GoldMedalists @CoachPhill @TeamShuster

— USA Curling (@usacurl) February 24, 2018

Even Olympic gold can’t upgrade one from coach to first class, as Delta Airlines denied the American curlers for all to see:

Hi, there. Congratulations, gold medal champions! We are honored to be your ride back home! While we don't have any upgrades to offer, we look forward to seeing you on board. Thanks for flying with us! *AJL

— Delta (@Delta) February 24, 2018

This probably isn’t the popular hot take, but good on Delta not granting special privileges to some guys playing a sport no one cared about three weeks ago. Also, there are five members on the team. How in the hell is Delta supposed to make that work without pissing off everyone else?

Fortunately USA Curling wasn’t too butthurt about the rejection:

Thank you for the well wishes and checking into it. I’m sure it’ll be a smooth ride home. @Delta @TeamShuster

— USA Curling (@usacurl) February 25, 2018