Canadian Skier And His Wife Arrested In PyeongChang For Getting Drunk And Stealing A Hummer

Well, it took basically the entire two weeks, but it looks like we finally have ourselves a little scandal from these winter Olympic games. Obviously, Rio gave us the Lochte incident and it was looking like a clean Olympics from Korea, but not before Canadian skier Dave Duncan and his wife got hammered and stole a Hummer yesterday.
According to reports, Duncan, his wife, and Ski Cross High-Performance Director Willy Raine were arrested Saturday South Korea time after going full Grand Theft Auto and stealing a Hummer that was left running. This, of course, was after they threw back a night’s worth of booze.
Details from CBC:

Canadian ski cross athlete David Duncan, his wife Maja, and Ski Cross High Performance Director Willy Raine were arrested and released Saturday after police in South Korea say a vehicle was stolen, with the driver legally impaired at the time of arrest.
Daegwallyeong police allege Raine was behind the wheel and had a blood-alcohol level of 0.16. The legal limit in South Korea is 0.05.
A CBC News source says the Duncans and Raine have been been restricted from leaving South Korea, although it’s unclear whether their passports have been confiscated.

That last part is what’s going to make this story blow up. It’s one of the reasons the Lochte thing blew up, outside of the fact that it was Ryan Lochte and not some random Canadian skier. If they get their passports confiscated then, then we have ourselves an incident on our hands.
Here’s a rule to live by: if you’re planning on getting blitzed in a foreign country, maybe don’t go around stealing cars.
Duncan obviously issued an apology:

“I would like to apologize profusely for my inexcusable actions,” Raine said in a statement released by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC). “Words are not enough to express how sorry I am. I have let my teammates, friends and my family down. I would also like to apologize to the owner of the vehicle that was involved.”

No court date has been set yet.

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