Meet Peri From Texas Tech

We’re just 15 days away from Selection Sunday, so if you’ve been falling behind on your college basketball because of the Olympics, now is the time to jump back in before conference tourneys start. The best game of the day today is a little matinee action between Kansas and Texas Tech this afternoon. That’s an #8 vs. #6 matchup and if you can believe it, TTU is sitting at #6.
The Gameday crew was in Lubbock this morning and as a way to show some love to the Red Raiders’ crazy season (did I mention they’ve already beaten Kansas once this year?), we’ll be introducingĀ Peri from Texas Tech. She seems like your classic Texas football girl, but you can believe she’s all over this basketball run.
Alos, she’s a Monster Energy girl, so look out for her at various racing events.
[IG – Peri]
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