Bruce Pearl To Gus Malzahn After Beating Bama: "We Beat Their Ass"

The Alabama-Auburn rivalry doesn’t normally have nearly the same juice in basketball as it does in football, obviously, but this year is a little bit different with Auburn being a legit #1 seed candidate and Bama as a tourney team. Auburn was down to only 7 scholarship players last night and still kicked Bama’s teeth in by 19 points.
That made sweaty ass Bruce Pearl happy, and also Gus Malzahn, who was the only coach to beat Bama in football this year. After the game, Pearl has his very own Gus moment (more on that in a second) relishing the sweet taste of beating Alabama.

“We didn’t just beat them, we beat their ass!”

Be careful, Bruce…never forget what happened to Gus. One little line like that after a game could be all it takes to light a fire under a team. Gus Malzahn had to learn the hard way this year.

Auburn may be in line for a regular season SEC title right now, but now they better keep a close eye on Bama in the SEC tournament. You wouldn’t want something like that to come back and bite you in the ass twice in one year.

Although, Bruce may have other things to worry about

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