Kate Upton Gets Lit Up By Rogue Wave, 'Head Dr.' Addresses Blac Chyna & North Korean Olympics Drama


Did I hear that Mike Patrick will be calling his last game tonight for ESPN? After a quick search, it sounds like Mike will be at tonight’s Louisville-Duke game to be a guest of Dan Shulman, Jay Bilas and Maria Taylor where he will get a chance to say his ESPN career is over. Sounds like ESPN told Mike they didn’t need him anymore. And of course you’ll get a bunch of Olympics coverage that you won’t watch.
Rogue wave launches Kate Upton’s hand bra ass right off a rock….1:20 mark
The ‘Head Dr.’ weighs in on the Blac Chyna leaked tape, gives analysis
North Korean speed skater does this because he’s probably going to die when he goes home
Sally Field is out here trying to hook up her son with Adam Rippon, Johnny Weir is pissed over Rippon love
Lamar Odom’s selling this pad for $3.65M
1:00 mark…hope this North Korean chick isn’t murdered for cheering the U.S. couples skating team
Florida Man attacks gas station worker with corndog
Here’s Christina from The U

Barbara Calls Out Her No-Calling Son Wheel Video of the Week

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