Does This Look Like A Guy Who Would Slide Into Jenn Sterger's IG DMs & Ask For Something Inappropriate?

And some of you wonder why women absolutely hate you, want nothing to do with you and wish blast you on social media. Like Jenn Sterger wants to deal with IG DMs like this from The Master of the Universe. Here she is just trying to go about her business on IG, maybe post a pic of her food, couple pics of dogs, maybe a vacation photo, just life in general.
And then The Master of the Universe goes and asks for a vulva shot.
I have no idea what this hell/fire MOTU has been walking through for a couple decades, but it’s probably not going to be corrected overnight with a vulva shot on IG. Looking through MOTU’s IG, it sounds like there might’ve been some sort of brain injury at some point in life. If it was a brain injury, it sure didn’t knock out the part of the brain that understands the female anatomy.
I like how MOTU asks her to not blast a screenshot across the Internet. You have to be smarter than this MOTU, especially if you’re going to give a woman an anatomy lesson. Jenn’s clearly had enough of your shit via IG DMs. Time to move on to the next vulva target.

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