Mackenzie Dipman & Her Casa Amigos Tacos & Tequila Sisters Get Spring Training Started

How many times have I said it around here? You put an IG model into something sports-related (jerseys, helmets, eyeblack, etc.), take good pics, maybe a couple of IG videos and you have yourself all the makings of a solid promotion that’s going to get eyeballs.
That’s why I’m impressed by what the Casa Amigos Tacos & Tequila crew out of Scottsdale did today. They had the ladies from the restaurant do a Spring Training shoot. BRILLIANT! This Casa Amigos place seems to be new and needs to make a huge splash in a busy Scottsdale business environment. Of course you call in Mackenzie and the bellas to bring in the guys in town to catch baseball in the Mesa neighborhood.
As for Mackenzie, she has an interesting bio:
• 3rd runner up, 2017 Miss Idaho USA
• ASU student
• “vegetarian and loves to cook with fresh ingredients every night”
• Diamondbacks fan
Let this be a lesson to all the restaurant entrepreneurs out there. Even if you’re in Minnesota, go to Arizona this time of year and do a shoot. Hire local models from ASU. Trust me. It’ll transform your business.
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