Florida High School Pitcher-Runner Collision Seemed Avoidable By The Pitcher Who Was Sizing Up The Runner

Our old buddy Scot Drucker sent this out to his TV baseball buddies this morning and didn’t think to tag ol’ BC even though we’ll promote the video way more than Jon Heyman will ever promote it. Anyway, no grudges held. Scot used to send incredible videos from the Caribbean winter league and maybe some stuff out of the Mexican League. I’ve lost track of all the places he used to pitch.
Anyway, what we have here is a collision this weekend during a game played at Tampa Catholic, a legendary baseball program that has a national title on the resume. I’m not positive, but the opponent here appears to be IMG Academy and if the Tampa Catholic baseball tweets are correct, this was a preseason game.
Watch how the pitcher sizes up the runner nearly the whole way off the mound. Then he lowers in to cause contact…boom…we have interference.

There have been intentional interferences before…watch at the :35 mark:


Here’s a collision down the first base line, but the pitcher never knew what hit him:


Sammy Sosa Enjoys A Pool Day
Sammy Sosa Enjoys A Pool Day
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