Emily Palos Looking For IG Stardom, Alpine Skiers Trying To Get It In & Redneck Petty 43 Truck

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The blonder the better 💇🏼

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Now that Elizabeth Swaney is out of the Olympics I don’t really have a reason to watch today’s action on NBC. I will be watching West Virginia-Baylor tonight at 7 on ESPN2. Things are getting tight in the Big12. You’ll also get Kentucky-Arkansas on ESPN at 9. BBN doing its best to get out of the 8-9 game. BTW, is the NHL even going on right now? NBC has all but forgotten about that league.
Emily Palos is just another IG model trying to catch a break
Alpine skiers trying to bang the most at the Olympics
Jay-Z’s kinda big bar tab
Redneck Richard Petty 43 truck spotted at what looks like a Walmart
Jay Williams gets worked by Kansas football player
Chiefs OL trying to get M.D. on his jersey
This Florida Man turned his apartment into an indoor shooting range
Here’s Sarah from West Virginia

I’m Out, Dawg….Video of the Week


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