Meet Sarah From West Virginia

The second week College Basketball Gameday made its way to Morgantown this morning for West Virginia-Kentucky tonight, if you couldn’t tell by its open:

The best matchup of the day was definitely Duke and Virginia that just wrapped with a UVA win in Durham, but this one is easily your second best game. You have a West Virginia team ranked 7th in the nation, that might be Huggy Bear’s best team there against a UK squad that has been struggling. But it’s Kentucky and Calipari and they’re loaded with 5-star freshmen, so primetime is where they’ll be.
That means for today’s college girl, we’ll be staying in Morgantown to meet Sarah. West Virginia isn’t the first place you’d think of for hot chicks, but they’re a hall of fame party school, so it instantly becomes a prime destination for them.
[IG – Sarah]
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