Did Lonzo Ball Drop His Pregnant Girlfriend Denise Garcia?

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Lonzo Ball may have a baby on the way with his high school sweetheart Denise Garcia, but there was no Valentine’s Day love for her this year. As you can see above, he instead posted a picture with a different girl, Dutch singer Natalie La Rose, over All-Star weekend with eye emojis as his caption — not scandalous at all.

We’re not saying Lonzo and Natalie are a thing, but LMU freshman Eli Scott, former Chino Hills HS player, indicated the Lakers rookie is now single by commenting, “Free man:”

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Natalie hasn’t posted any pics with Lonzo on her IG, but her story features her posing in a Big Baller Brand photobooth. Maybe we’ll see her on the family reality show at some point.
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Obviously Denise still comes out a winner here — she’s carrying Lonzo’s kid and he’ll be responsible for that for life. She doesn’t seem to be bothered with the pregnancy pics she’s been dropping on The Gram:
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