Canadian Curler’s Husband Stress Drinks During Wife’s Match, Says He’s Just Canadian

Favourite Olympic moment so far: Canadian curler Rachel Homan's husband double-fisting his third and fourth beers while watching his wife compete against Japan. It's 9am in Korea. Not all heroes wear capes. #PyeongChang2018

— Ben Johnson (@Ben_T_Johnson) February 19, 2018

Shawn Germain, the husband of Canadian curler Rachel Homan, made news last night across Canada during the women’s curling match against Japan for his trips to the beer line at the PyeongChang complex around 9 a.m. local time. Rachel and her teammates were in a stressful match and Shawn needed something to take the edge off the nerves.

So he started double-fisting the beers.

There was even some speculation that Shawn missed the end of the match where Japan conceded, but Shawn says that’s not so. Time to clear the air to all the Canadian media who are fixated on Shawn’s beer runs.

Shawn, who played several years of minor league hockey mostly in the ECHL, will now have to stress drink through a Tuesday match against China.

Not Shawn Germain:

Rachel Homan’s husband is the real Olympics MVP
Scott McKenzie (@scotts_thoughts) February 19, 2018

Shawn and Rachel during much less stressful times: