Why Are People Acting Like It's Weird Nate Diaz Might've Been Smoking A Joint At UFC Austin?

Here I thought we were beyond being all shocked by something like Nate Diaz possibly lighting up a joint at a UFC Austin event. I guess we’re still shocked that weed has become so mainstream that Nate Diaz can put a possible joint into his mouth and Nancy Reagan’s not going to pop out of the floor and smack the shit outta him.
I’ve said it over and over and over again: I’m pro-weed, pro-HGH for athletes, pro-KO headshots in football, pro-pretty much everything that doesn’t harm my family. If you want to smoke a J and go get smacked around in a cage, I’m fine with it. If you want to smoke a J after a stressful day at the factory, go for it.
I don’t smoke it or eat the gummies or whatever, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want Nate Diaz to suffer through life.
This is the content business and people freaking out over Nate lighting what looks like a possible J is good for this business because it freaks people the fucc out.
We’re talking about a guy who was vaping after a fight. That was 2016 and changed things for fellow fighters who want to chill on some cannabis oil.

Diaz’ actions resulted in CBD being removed from the banned substance list altogether, but also changed what is considered the in-competition time period.  Instead of the in-competition period extending to four hours after the bout, the in-competition period ends at the moment a sample is collected from the fighter after the bout.
“Now, basically, the rule is that the in-competition ends with a collection immediately after the fight,” said Novitzky.

People, stop acting like this is a big deal.

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