Harvard Basketball Bros Hit A Flask, Dick Vitale Hitting On Trae Young & Terann Hilow Dunking

Did you know that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is headed to South Korea to work for NBC?

He is and NBC is going to get its money out of its new hire. From the AP/Las Vegas Sun:

He’d like to play a role as more of a quizzical sightseer in South Korea than as a crash test dummy suiting up to try new sports. NBC Sports executive Sam Flood told Earnhardt to leave his gear behind.

“I do know that we’re going to go see a lot of events,” Earnhardt said. “He said just don’t get here and not know what’s happened. I’ve been watching everything and learning a lot. Hopefully, when I get there, we’re going to have some fun.”

He’s ready to dig in — especially when it comes to sampling the food, including Korean barbecue.

“Can’t wait to try some of that,” he said. “That’s going to be awesome.”

This should be an interesting situation. Of course you’re going to have him talk to bobsledders, speed skaters and have him doing fluff pieces around town. I don’t know why I have this feeling, but NBC just isn’t the right network for Junior. They’re going to bury him when NBC’s NASCAR coverage starts in July or whenever it gets rolling. Nobody watches those races.

Numbers from :

West Virginia led by double digits in each of its last 3 games vs Kansas. But each time, the Mountaineers lost.

Today, Kansas finished 26-35 from the free throw line. West Virginia was 1-2. pic.twitter.com/ML9OcLyRUZ

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) February 18, 2018

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@bustedcoverage Joe decided to autograph his jersey before heading out to the train show this morning https://t.co/qHVMd3FkTU
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@HarvardMBB your boys are having a great night! @espn https://t.co/9xLH83Xxgf
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Jeff Bagwell hanging out at the Flying Monkey in Cleveland, OH @bustedcoverage https://t.co/QaPzm5Llvu
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This Rangers fan in Ottawa drinks (from @William_G_Smith) pic.twitter.com/GciXlJkgGI

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Thanks for the clarity, @espn https://t.co/18vq6FlEq2
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Holy shit his visor broke in half 😱 pic.twitter.com/CoWnfE6ANR

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Going out tonight pic.twitter.com/9SP7ma5oLM

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Some guy in my class this morning was wearing this shirt and I'm not sure if he's a chud or not https://t.co/GSvoheGTqr
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This guy at Daytona has life figured out pic.twitter.com/1Hq7VJqvCS

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Dick showing Trae how erect he'll be during this game pic.twitter.com/repYGqI8oG

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“Epic” lol @espn https://t.co/QnM51KnoIe
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@Cubs Went to meet Grandma for lunch at her retirement home and she was wearing this. She’s ready for baseball. https://t.co/Ymx0nw0puj
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Check the tag, people in Alabama move quick. #RollTide https://t.co/JNP5leptzu
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