Greg Norman’s Busy Week, Joe Buck’s Valentine’s Day & Golden Tate’s Head Cover

Ahhh, I’m so relaxed!

Got in like 1-2 days of complete Internet blackout this week to spend some time with the family in Florida. I keep telling you guys who want this job that you really don’t want this job. The plan going in was to turn off my phone, never look at it and ignore the social media hatred for a solid five days. I didn’t even get to Florida and some ECHL bench-clearing brawl was taking place that had my phone blowing up when I landed in Fort Myers. Now I know what it must feel like to be Adam Schefter. You’re never off the clock.

Anyway, now I’m back and looking at the March and April grind before planting season kicks in during early May. Let’s gooooooooo!

Numbers from :

Tiger Woods missed his 8th cut in 21 PGA TOUR events since 2014.

He missed just 9 cuts in 295 official events from 1996-2013.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) February 17, 2018

Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

@bustedcoverage I know I’ve reported some good jerseys but I think this is the best jersey yet #ormaybenot
cassandra lauren (@clklikeabenz) February 17, 2018

@bustedcoverage Uncle Phil reprorting on Tiger Woods
Matt Schroer (@MattSchroer) February 17, 2018

@bustedcoverage Dabo in Columbus Ohio
Dustin Green (@Dgreenosu6) February 17, 2018

Atlanta finally won something

— Dan (@AtIantaDan) February 17, 2018

So shocked Max and Stephen A. weren't on the same page of this fake topic.

— ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) February 16, 2018

Seriously @espn, still haven't fixed De Grasse?! Who is working Chyron over there??! @bustedcoverage
Brad Humber (@djcuse) February 17, 2018

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One more

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@bustedcoverage @awfulannouncing so that’s either 0-3 on Flags or 0-3 on Names.. #Pyeongyang2018
Eddy (@idiotninja24) February 15, 2018

@bustedcoverage Only in Oklahoma!
t-con (@Considineadozen) February 15, 2018

Imagine going to the Olympics and being this guy
Ryan Berdan (@ryanberdan) February 16, 2018

Wow I didnt realize the Olympics moved to North Korea? @ABCWorldNews @bustedcoverage
Ford Green (@realfordgreen) February 14, 2018

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After 63 revolutions around the sun, time to celebrate!!

A post shared by Greg Norman (@shark_gregnorman) on

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No winter here in Cali 🌞

A post shared by Veronika K. (@veronika.khomyn) on

Anyone notice the guy looking for $BTC donations in the winter Olympics half pipe crowd
  (@CryptoBaggy) February 14, 2018