Ever Seen Two Grand Slams By The Same Hitter During The Same Inning In A College Game?

Congrats to Santa Clara’s Jake Brodt for doing something that has to be more rare than people getting struck by lighting. Can’t say I hear very often about a hitter going deep twice in one innings and both shots are grand slams. Brodt did it Saturday in a 20-9 win over Boston College.

How rare is it in professional baseball? It has only happened once in history. Fernando Tatis did it on April 23, 1999. As of 2015 (not exactly easy to find this kind of stat) 12 other players belted two [grand slams] in one game and the list of players is not exactly a who’s who of baseball. Baltimore’s Frank Robinson (1970), and Tony Lazzeri of the New York Yankees, who in 1936 became the first major-leaguer to achieve the feat, are the only players in the Hall of Fame with two grand slams in the same game.

The others to hit two grand slams in one game are Jim Tabor, Red Sox, 1939; Rudy York, Red Sox, 1946; Jim Gentile, Orioles, 1961; Jim Northrup, Tigers, 1968; Robin Ventura, White Sox, 1995; Chris Hoiles, Orioles, 1998; Nomar Garciaparra, Red Sox, 1999; Bill Mueller, Red Sox, 2003; and Josh Willingham, Nationals, 2009.

Fernando Tatis did it to Chan Ho Park TWICE in the same inning!


Chan Ho’s line that day was fairly rough:

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