Bill Walton Asked Kevin Love What It's Like To Be Blamed For Everything

When you go into an interview will Bill Walton, you better be prepared for everything. If you’re planning on joining the broadcast with Walton and Pasch, you need to have a PR trick up your sleeve to spin whatever nonsense Walton might throw your way.
That happened last night when Kevin Love hopped in the booth during the Oregon-UCLA game. There has been a lot of talk for the last month or so about Kevin love being the scapegoat for the Cavaliers problems before LeBron unloaded half of the team. Every time there were issues in Cleveland, you could set your watch to when Love got thrown under the bus.

So in classic Bill Walton fashion, he wasn’t pulling any punches and straight up asked Kevin Love about this on the broadcast, maybe spilling some beans on what was said off-air. This is a day after he made his little “fall guy” joke on First Take on Friday.

That PR training went to work immediately and Love spun it beautifully into the classic “if we’re winning, I’m fine” schpeel. That’s about as best as you can do with Walton directly asking super awkward questions on national television.

They went onto discuss other things like the Beach Boys, while paying zero attention to the game for a good 10 minutes

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