Paul Pierce Stopped By Tonight To Chat Before The 3-Point Shootout & Dunk Contest

Gotta get this one posted fast because Paul Pierce stopped by tonight to talk all-star festivities, how he’s working with Verizon to hang with NBA fans and how he worked on a legitimate guy’s guy project that included a trip to a home improvement store.
Other highlights:
• Paul and Paul try to figure out if they’re related
• Paul Eide uses a Tinder analogy that Paul Pierce gets a chuckle out of
• The posters Pierce had on his walls back in the day
• Why Pierce wore his warm-up during the three-point contest back in the day (it was a tribute to a certain 3-point stud)

We also got into a discussion on Paul’s dunking prowess during his early playing days. Paul’s proud of some of his early dunks and feels people don’t give him enough credit for throwing down back in the day.
His favorite: it was a throwdown on a Miami Heat legend. (Having a hard time finding the exact dunk, but here’s a Best of highlight video that YouTube came up with.)

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