Kentucky Fan Sinks Half-Court Shot For A Cool $10,000

I’ll never get enough of fans stepping onto the floor at halftime or pregame or on the College Gameday set and sinking a half-court shot for free money. It’s really what makes this country great. It’s the OG of halftime entertainment. If you can come out here and make this 47 foot shot, we’ll give a nice stack of cash.
Last weekend, a Louisville¬†student won $18,000 during College Gameday for splashing one (after Jay Williams made the most casual half-court shot of all-time) and this week, we have a rival Kentucky fan doing the same thing. This time for just $10,000. I think he’ll be fine with it.

I imagine most of that money will get funneled right back into the Kentucky basketball program when this guy¬†spends it all on tickets, gear, and travel fees to all the tournament games because that’s just how BBN rolls. They are as die-hard as die-hard gets.
Does this look like the face of man 10 grand richer?

Here’s another angle from the front

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