Greg Hardy Is Now 3-0 In His MMA Career After This 14 Second KO

Way back in 2016, Greg Hardy announced that he was planning on pursuing an MMA career after all NFL teams decided it probably wasn’t a good idea, or worth it, to sign him to their roster. Based on his history, the next logical step in his career was clearly fighting. I mean, what else was he going to do? Turns out he’s pretty good and has had nice start to his amateur career.

Last night, Hardy had his 3rd amateur fight and it ended in similar fashion to his previous 2 fights with a 1st round KO. Remember, Greg Hardy is still a freak athlete and a monster human being who tore up the NFL for a good 2-3 years. His opponent never stood a chance. 14 seconds and it was over.

If you’ve been keeping track with Hardy’s MMA career, that puts the length of his three fights at a grand total of 78 seconds. Maybe he actually has a shot at the UFC, which he told TMZ is his ultimate goal.

Here is Hardy’s frist two fights…64 seconds total


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