Hawks Fans Who Met At 'Tinder Night' Set To Get Married At Phillips Arena

You might remember a couple years back when the Atlanta Hawks flipped the entire promotional game on its head with their “Swipe Right Night” aka ‘Tinder Night’. Since then, the Hawks have been continuously crushing the in-game entertainment (see: Hot Sauce and while executing a terrific tank job.  Two people who matched on that faithful ‘Tinder Night” are set to get married.
Guess who’s paying? It won’t be the father of the bride, who I’m sure is THRILLED about this whole arrangement. He might be giving away his daughter, but at least he doesn’t have to cut that fat check. Instead, the Hawks will be picking up everything and the wedding is in just a few weeks at Phillips Arena.
From Hawks.com:

The Atlanta Hawks have announced that ‘Swipe Right Night’ couple Ben McCleskey and Avery Armstrong will say their vows and get married center court of Philips Arena on Saturday, March 3. Nearly two years ago, Hawks Chief Executive Officer, Steve Koonin offered to host and pay for the couple’s wedding should they ever decide to get married. The ceremony will take place on the hardwood at Philips Arena and will be followed by a reception for more than 200 guests in the arena’s newly-opened, exclusive Courtside Club.

This is the beauty of technology people. 2 years ago, these people just swiped right on their phone at a basketball game. Now they’re getting a 200 guest wedding at a brand new VIP courtside club all on the Hawks’ dime. Tinder is a magical thing.

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