Blazers Twitter Sent Out Personalized Valentine’s Day Cards To the Entire League

Blazers Twitter is regarded as the best team account to follow in the entire NBA, and for good reason: they’ve got jokes for days. One of their best moments came over the offseason when they welcomed “Cash Considerations” after a trade with the Rockets:

And photoshopped Cash Considerations into a fake presser:

That silliness is absolute gold. No offense to the other teams β€” mainly the Hawks and Kings, who are great β€” but the Blazers stand atop the NBA Twitter mountain. So it should come as no surprise that they’ve brought their game on Valentine’s Day by sending out personalized E-cards to every team, even to rivals like the Rockets and Clippers.

We were going to compile V-Day IG posts for the holiday, but picking our 10 favorite Blazers cards is much less depressing:

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