ESPN’s Love Affair With Trae Young Continues


ESPN darling Lonzo Ball has been inactive for the past month or so with an MCL sprain, but The Worldwide Leader has had no issues pivoting to another baller to fill their void — Oklahoma’s Trae Young. We touched on this last week when ESPN started their West Virginia-Oklahoma game coverage by rattling off Young factoids — to go along with his personal stat tracker — on the bottom of the screen:

Young’s stat counter is pretty much a fixture for every Oklahoma game now, but it appears ESPN is taking their love for the OU star next level by displaying his numbers on other college hoops games. Tonight, eagle-eyed viewers noticed his point total during the Kansas-Iowa State game:

ESPN supplemented the already over-the-top coverage with clips, both positive and negative, on their Twitter account:

The good news for those with a newfound hate for Young? Oklahoma has now lost four games in a row, while Young has hit a cold streak — the freshman is 1-17 from three-point range in his last two games, so maybe expect some hit pieces while he’s down.

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