Sammy Sosa Talked About His Skin Cream in a Jacuzzi Interview

If your mind was blown by the pictures of Cowboy Sammy Sosa over the weekend (it probably was), we can only imagine what the reaction will be to Slammin’ going shirtless for a jacuzzi interview with Raul De Molina on “El Gordo y La Flaca.” The show teased Sammy getting into the “celebrity jacuzzi” on Facebook with a caption that translates to, “We have all the secrets of the cream used by Sammy Sosa.”

Additional details on this totally not awkward interview set up from Univision:

“The cream exists”: Sammy Sosa confesses to Raúl why his skin has changed color

Raúl de Molina returned to the celebrity jacuzzi and this time the turn was for Sammy Sosa. They talked about what makes it [Sammy’s skin] look clearer. He also sent a strong message to people who want to comment on his life.

Sadly I, nor anyone else on the BC team, speaks Spanish so we can’t delve into further details of Sammy’s jacuzzi sesh with Raul. But for anyone who does, you can check out the eight-minute interview on Univision.

People Espanol coming through with more pictures of shirtless Slammin’ and his salmon fedora: