Danica Patrick Goes On a Handstand Walk Down Daytona Beach

As most of you guys already know, Danica Patrick‘s final race is coming up this Sunday at the Daytona 500. But this post isn’t about Danica’s farewell to NASCAR (we still have a couple of days to tackle that), but her crazy impressive fitness prowess.

Danica wowed yet again by posting an Instagram video of herself pulling off a handstand walk on Daytona Beach. She goes about 15-20 yards, which, we assume, is 15-20 yards more than 99 percent of the country can pull off.

“Racing down Daytona beach,” Danica captioned.

If you needed further proof that Danica is a beast, there you go. Me attempting something like this would probably end with a broken neck and/or concussion.

Before showing off at the beach, Danica was grinding away the gym:

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