St. Louis Man Headed to Daytona 500 After Finding Special Checkered Can of Busch Beer in 18 Pack

via Fox 2 Now St. Louis

NASCAR has themselves a new fan in St. Louis man Darren Gallagher, who is now all about racing after winning an all-expenses paid trip to the Daytona 500. What did Darren do to land this prize? Oh, he just stumbled upon a rare checkered can flag of Busch beer while drinking an 18 pack.
The details from Fox 2 Now St. Louis:

Darren Gallagher is doing a victory dance after finding a special checkered flag can of Busch Beer, which won him a trip to the big NASCAR race.
The retired bricklayer said he found the special can in a 30-pack at his south city QuikTrip. Gallagher is one of 250 people nationwide who will attend the event, which celebrates its 60th anniversary.
Gallagher, a longtime hockey fan, said he’s now a dedicated convert to auto racing after his big beer find.

Busch is currently running a promotion that will send 250 people (and one friend each) to Daytona should they find this special can located in marked 18, 24, and 30 packs of Busch and Busch Light. Sounds impossible, but then you read a story like Darren’s and immediately want to guzzle beer in search of this checkered can.
Sidenote: We’re hoping Darren took a photo or video with his prized aluminum — the contest notes he needs to do some work on Instagram (via Sports Business Daily):

To earn the chance to win one of the 250 trips to Daytona, those fans who get one of the checkered flag cans are encouraged to take a photo or video while acting like they are celebrating a race win in victory lane. The fans need to share the photo or video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat with a #BuschToDaytona hashtag. A-B will then select the best entrants.

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