Buy This Seattle Seahawks 1980 Comuta-Car — $6,500

via Craigslist

Just when I think I’ve seen it all from the Seattle Seahawks tailgate market, a 12-themed Comuta-Car pops up in my search. I’m not exactly sure who would want to drive around in a glorified golf cart, but if you’re a Seahawks fan who desperately wants to stand apart from your fellow 12s, this retro e-car might be for you.

via Craigslist

Now these Comuta-Cars typically only have around six horsepower, but the seller says he’s invested money into the car and that it can now reach 70 mph. Still slower than a Jered Weaver fastball, but certainly passable to drive on the streets and maybe the highway.

Additional details from the Craigslist ad:

Owned for nearly 20 years. 1980 commuter car originally purchased from the world famous Mustang Ranch IRS auction out of NV (still have the stickers). Totally rebuilt in 2014, including new brakes, electronic motors, wiring, and batteries making this thing capable of doing 70 mph.

Fresh Seahawks wrap. Licensed for the street but could be use as a golf cart build in battery charger for the lithium batteries I have over $8000 invested not including the original purchase price. make offer

The seller’s asking price is $6,500, but it might be tough talking him down given that he’s already invested $8,000. However, he does note he’s open to offers. Shoot your shot.

via Craigslist