Full Line Brawl Breaks Out At ECHL Game Including Fighting Goalies


I don’t know what they’re putting in the water up in Toledo but everybody was looking to fight somebody this weekend. I don’t if these people have just had it up to here with the cold weather or what, but tempers have been short over the last two days, to say the least. It started Friday night where we had our little fan brawl between a couple of Walleye faithful that may or may not have been fighting over a blanket. Who knew this would just be the beginning.

Fast forward to last night and this fire had spilled over to the team. Take a look at the time and score at this point. We’re in the middle of the 3rd, the game is out of hand with a 4-0 lead, everybody could’ve just coasted the rest of the way and had a nice┬áSaturday night.

But all they needed was one little cheap shot that set off a chain reaction of epic proportions. 2 guys fighting turned into 4 which turned into 10 and we officially had ourselves the brawl of the season.


Any time you had the goalies to the mix and the brawl the just jumps to a whole ‘nother level. That’s how you put your self in position for hockey fight of the year.

Thank god for ECHL hockey carrying us through a slow sports February.

Weekend editor based in Atlanta. Contact me: dan.crawford@teamcoed.com
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