We Had A Rare ECHL Fan Fight At The Toledo Walleye Game Last Night

(videos from Tommie Dean/Facebook)

It makes sense that we don’t often see fans ready to throw hands at non-professional level sporting events. Not many people are living and dying with their minor league teams. Nobody wants to fight for their fandom when a lot of these players will be moving up sooner or later.  We don’t bat an eye anymore when a Bruins fan and Canadiens fan throw down in the behind the glass, but when it’s at an ECHL game, it becomes special.

So when we do get the rare sight of one of these, so we have to treasure them, even though these are hockey fans and most are ready to drop the gloves at any moment. This one happened at the Toledo Walleye game last night, right in boss man BC’s backyard.

A couple extra Busch’s in the parking lot might’ve triggered this one.

I went through the Facebook comments of the original video and nobody seems to know what really set off the guy in the black hoodie. One person mentions that it might’ve been over a blanket. I think I’d rather use the extra Busch Light excuse.

Good news for these people is the Walleye pulled out their sixth straight W

WALLEYE WIN 2-1!!!!! pic.twitter.com/Ay61TIDbwA

— Toledo Walleye (@ToledoWalleye) February 10, 2018

.@MikeBorkowski92's 1⃣4⃣th of the season puts #GoWalleye up 2-1!!

🍎: Denis, Bonis pic.twitter.com/ZQMzpMsOlK

— Toledo Walleye (@ToledoWalleye) February 10, 2018