Blake Griffin Can't Stop Throwing Basketballs at People

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PSA to NBAers not on the Pistons: Blake Griffin is on a basketball-throwing rampage this season, so watch yourselves when The Flying Lion has the rock in his hands. In the past three weeks alone, Blake has pegged three players and one referee — his latest victim was the Hawks’ Dennis Schroeder, who was on the receiving end of a floater to the back of the head on Sunday:

Blake trying to play that off as a mistake is such a classic asshole move. Dude is one of the top passing big men in the league (averaging 5.5 assists this season), he knew what he was doing.
His reward for that pettiness was a technical foul, the second T he’s received this season related to ill-advised throws. The first one came during his last home game as a Clipper when he rifled this pass to a referee and blamed him for not being able to catch:

Now in Blake’s defense, the other times he’s hit opposing players have been on plays in which he was trying to save possession. You probably remember this one on Eric Gordon when it appeared the Clippers-Rockets rivalry was a thing:

And, of course, this past Friday when he denied Montrezl Harrell in his first game against the Clippers:

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