Chris Long And Jason Kelce Broke Out Their Finest Parade Attire

As you can imagine, today’s Eagles Parade is already off to a hot start and it doesn’t even officially start until 11 am EST. Philly fans starting lining the streets as early as 4 am. That video above is from just before 6 am and by looking at you’d think the parade just ended, but they have FIVE HOURS before it even starts. That’s five hours that allows these people to get as shitfaced as possible. So to say it’s going to be wild in the streets of Philadelphia today would be the understatement of the century.
If you’re going to have a successful championship parade, you’re going to need the players to get on the same level as the fans. We need players slamming beers on the float and just matching the all-around intensity that the fans are brining.
That’ll be a tough task today because Eagles fans are savages and I’m not expecting Nick Foles to get down on his knees to put his face in a pile of dog crap, but Chris Long and Jason Kelce have set the tone early with these parade fits. Before you were even awake this morning, Chris Long was already up in his Ric Flair robe with the Iverson jersey.
Then Jason Kelce arrives, and quite possibly one-upping Long’s get-up, with this mummer costume. For those who don’t know, the Mummers Parade takes place in Philly every year on New Year’s Day where people dress up in costumes similar to Kelce’s.
A month after the Mummers Parade, Kelce is bringing it back for the Eagles parade.

We will definitely be having more coverage of the parade throughout the day. The content coming out of Philly today may never end. I would say somebody might die, but somehow everybody lived to see Monday morning, so maybe Eagles fans are just invincible right now.

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