Listen To Gronk’s 911 Call…It’s Actually Very Professional

We now have the 911 call that Gronk made, saying "my whole house got robbed"

— Blair Miller (@BlairMillerTV) February 6, 2018

My man Gronk actually made the 911 call to police after getting home to find out his house had been robbed while he was in Minneapolis losing to the Eagles. I’m confused as fucc as to why Gronk didn’t have someone from #TeamJB stay behind to watch the place.

Where’s Goon? There has to be someone around to housesit the Gronk-sion.

Just listen to that voice. I need to hear that in an action movie where Gronk & The Rock are chatting on the phone about an ISIS plot to blow up Gillette Stadium and they need to move quick to end the threat because they’re working for the CIA.

I’d drop $10 on a guy’s night to see that.

As for the robbery:

The house is a five-bedroom, million-dollar property.

“We’re not going to be releasing any information right now about what was stolen or whether any suspects exist,” Baker told reporters this morning, “but there is an active investigation under way and we hope to comment more on this case when we bring somebody to justice for having committed this burglary.”

I smell an inside job. There have to be cameras all over that house. Alarms. Etc. Someone had to have the Gronk password (#69) and knowledge of where the good stuff was located. I’ll let the cops do their investigating.

Items stolen from Gronk's house:

Monster Energy hoodie
South Padre 69 spring break tank top
Limited edition Trojan gift box
Autographed Bibi Jones underwear
Knockoff WWE title belt from Wrestlemania

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) February 6, 2018