Florida Man Roughs Up Girlfriend For Trash Talking Tom Brady During Super Bowl

Here we go with yet another Florida Super Bowl freakout that’s sorta like the one I posted yesterday where Florida Woman Cheryl threw a shelf at her boyfriend. Now we have Florida Man Allen getting all bent out of shape because his girlfriend was talking a little shitt about Tommy Brady during the Super Bowl.

You know how these these normally end up.

From The Smoking Gun:

According to a police report, Allen Tusing, 39, was viewing the football game with the victim in the bedroom of the Palmetto home they share.

After the woman, 39, “started to make provocative statements about Tom Brady,” Tusing became upset and first smashed his plate of food on the floor. Tusing then allegedly pushed his girlfriend onto the bed and, as he held her arms down, struck her “on the right side of her mouth area.”

Tusing’s son witnessed the incident and told police that his father warned the 39-year-old victim, “Hit me and I’ll hit you again.”

Why is it the one thing on my mind is the whole plate of food in the bedroom and watching the Super Bowl angle? Isn’t there a couch in the family room? What was on the plate? Pizza? Pepperoni/sausage? What exactly did she say that was so bad?

So many questions here for Allen.

I’m sure this relationship will work out.

Allen is also a Gators and Buccaneers fan: