I Usually Don't Get Excited About A 6'2" White High School Kid Dunking…But I'm All-In On Mac McClung

You guys know I’m not a big fan of the grown men who get all excited over high school basketball players. You know the guys I’m talking about. They know every little detail about some kid’s life and the starting lineup of his summer AAU team. Just not my scene.
But, am I going to get excited over a 6’2″ white kid who throws down in-game between-the-legs dunks? You’re damn right I’m going to get excited. I’m officially all-in on Georgetown recruit Mac McClung. That’s right…GEORGETOWN.
Let’s cut to the chase here. When’s the last time Georgetown had a 6’2″ white kid throwing down dunks like this? Never is the answer and it’s not even a debatable topic.

Mac McClung Google Alerts activated:

McClung plays for Gate City High School, a village of 2,000 in the middle of nowhere Virginia. This makes the story even more unbelievable. Even crazier, he didn’t leave Gate City to play in some city where he’d get much more exposure than Gate City. The nearest city of any size is Kingsport, Tennessee, which is just over the border and isn’t exactly huge.
Where does McClung gets the athleticism? From his Wiki page:

…father Marcus McClung, a former college football player at Virginia Tech. His sister Anna was a soccer player at Florida State, while his uncle Seth competed with two Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. His cousins Corein and Collette both played ice hockey at the professional level. In addition, Mac is the first cousin to rapper Horst Simco, known by the stage name Riff Raff.

This is just all too good to be true. Thank god he didn’t go to Duke, UNC or Kentucky. We deserve Mac McClung in Washington D.C. This will be great for college basketball.

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