Kentucky Basketball Player Tai Wynyard Goes To Parties With Armed Guard, Freaks Out Sorority & Frats

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Gonna miss ya Gucci

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An interesting Kentucky basketball season (took that L last night at home via Tennessee) got even more interesting last night when word started to leak via the Courier-Journal that a UK basketball player had reportedly been showing up to sorority parties with an armed guard.

Red shirt sophomore Tai Wynyard’s armed bodyguard has the sororities fairly freaked out. Calipari seems equally freaked out; Wynyard has been suspended from the team, but Coach Cal won’t say why.

Here’s the text that shared amongst the sororities and frats back in January:

“there is a (person) showing up to parties with the basketball player Tai Wynyard. (The person) showed up last night to our rush party and … had a gun … said he was ‘protecting’ Wynyard. … If you go out tonight and see (person) DO NOT APPROACH (person). Share this to EVERY SISTER.”

Wynyard, from New Zealand, was used very little over eight games this season, mostly due to injuries. He played only 43 minutes before the suspension.

So many questions here about Wynyard’s bodyguard. He just went around calling himself Wynyard’s muscle? Was he doing bongs with one hand and the gun in the other? Was he some sort of European muscle hired to protect a guy who is about to go play in Eastern Europe? Was it a student?

So many angles to this one.

Or was it all just some joke about being a bodyguard and it was just some good ‘ol boy carrying some heat?

Tai needs to let us all know what’s going on here.

From the always reliable Reddit rumor mill:

6-10 good looking guy freaking out the ladies — in a bad way — at a Kentucky sorority party…what has happened to this once great land?

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